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St.Heleha prepaid phone card testimonials:
"This is my second order, and to be true to my word, it is a bigger order this time. Love your phone cards service and rates, also the ability to recharge online. Hope it continues to be the same."
Linda Hoffman, Southall, Great Britain

"I am a student here in the United States and call my family back in the Philippines.I am very happy with your long distance service. Thank You!""
Sunil Suri, Bronx, USA

St.Heleha prepaid phone card some terms:
Access number - 10 or 11 digits number you dial to use prepaid phone cards. This number is usually a Toll Free number beginning with 1-800, 866, 877 or 888. Some prepaid phone cards also have Local Access numbers that are local for particular territories and areas.


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Instant approval means you get your calling cards within minutes of ordering and start talking to friends and family faster than ever before.No surcharges or connection fees mean you pay only for the time you talk when dialing using a local or toll-free access number.

Phone cards are convenient to use. is experienced in every aspect of the process of providing the customers with superior quality international phone cards.

Parents find prepaid international calling cards a great way to make sure their children can call home, from anywhere, anytime they need. International calling cards are being used all over the world.

Business people who travel frequently can purchase an international prepaid phone card to use while traveling to save business expenses. Business people can use the prepaid phone card from any location, whether they are in their hotel or at a restaurant.

A prepaid phone card looks like a credit card and allows you to pay for long distance calls in advance. Phone card comes in handy when you don't want to make an expensive collect call or when you don't want to use a hotel phone.

Most frequently asked questions and important notes regarding refillable phone cards.

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